To the Community
A Giving Store, at a nearby mall, is a place you will come to know and look forward to coming to. Each of these retail cause galleries provides a space to learn about important issues facing our planet, its people, and nature. Think of this space as a church, a refuge, a lounge, a public forum, a place to meet, to be, to sit and read, to discuss. Students are encouraged to volunteer as cashiers and gallery attendants.

Only money donations are accepted at the Giving Store. In-kind donations of furniture, autos, and other items are not accepted. 100% of your donation is credited to the account of the cause of your choice.

To Charities
Each Giving Store provides space in a retail environment for your charitable organization to raise funds and awareness for your causes. Your organization is provided with

  • a dedicated area to present itself to the public.
  • flat-screen video displays with close-range speakers
  • a cashier to accept cash donations
  • self-serve kiosks
    • for accepting paypal and credit-card donations
    • for gathering volunteer and member registration information
  • a web-based account for
    • monitoring funds raised
    • accessing volunteer and member registration information

One night per year, your charity can, unless otherwise restricted, use the entire space for a gala fund-raising event.

To Artists and Celebrities
Are you a photographer, a painter, a singer, an actor, an athlete? Can your fame draw attention to a worthy cause? A Giving Store is a venue for supporting a cause you care deeply about. Use your talents, your voice, your form of expression, to communicate as best you can the core message of a cause to the public who will walk through the retail gallery space and to your dedicated showcase area.

Donít have a cause? We can connect you to a cause that needs you.

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