Nothing to Buy but a Better Future™

The Giving Store is a planned non-profit organization with the mission to provide fund-raising and cause marketing services to global, regional, and local non-profit organizations that are dedicated to the health of our planet and its people.

The Space: Giving Stores will be located in high-traffic class-A malls and shopping streets. Each location is designed as a gallery space, with white walls, with comfortable seating, and subdivided into showcase areas. Each showcase area is dedicated to presenting a cause and to providing an opportunity for “shoppers” to contribute to that cause.

Events: A speaker series will highlight important issues. Experts, scientists, activists, and policy makers, are invited to speak at local Giving Stores.

This organization is in the planning phase and seeks

  • motivated individuals to join the effort
  • charter causes to be represented in the first Giving Store now being planned
  • artists and celebrities able to help champion a cause
  • corporate sponsors to provide
    • furniture, specifically seating
    • flat-screens 50” and up
    • point-of-sale equipment (cash registers, credit-card terminals)
  • shopping mall space (2500 sq.ft or more)

To participate in this monumental effort to re-shape our national retail landscape in the US and around the globe, please contact or call Mr. Joseph Iallonardo at 347.423.5483 or Mr. Reza Jalili at 914 426.2874

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